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PCB maker 2Q09 revenues expected to grow 20% on notebook demand

271 2009-04-15 SAYFU
SAYFU is a professional PCB manufacturer from mainland China, located in Shajing Town, Baoan District, Shenzhen City. lt was founded in Oct.

PCB makers SAYFU, HannStar Board and Unitech Printed Circuit Board will likely enjoy 15-20% revenue growth sequentially in the second quarter, thanks to increased orders for notebooks and netbooks as well as high-end handsets, market observers estimate.
According to HannStar Board, the company has seen order visibility of notebook PCBs extend to 3-4 weeks, and utilization rate rebound to 70%.
SAYFU's notebook PCB production site in Changshu, China has almost reached full utilization, the company said. Utilization rates at its plants in Suzhou, China and in Taiwan are 50% and 75% respectively, added the company.
Tripod saw consolidated revenues for March increase 15% from NT$2.17 billion (US$64.62 million) in February thanks to increased demand for notebook PCBs, opto-electronics boards and high-density interconnect (HDI) boards.
SAYFU also pointed out that it currently sees four-week order visibility amid orders for smartphone-use PCBs
(Note: China PCB manufacturer SAYFU Technology specially produces on rigid printed circuit board; printed wiring board; mulitlayer printed circuit board; flex-rigid printed board, rigid-flex printed board; metal core printed board; heavy copper coard; power board; heavy gold board; Flexible board/Flex PCB; Bergquist Aluminum based board/Al PCB; Metal Core PCB; PCB/PWB/FPCB/FPC/MPCB/Rigid-Flex PCB)
China PCB manufacturer SAYFU Technology production type   产 品 类 型
High frequency PCB(HFPCB):suitable for electric products
with microwave transmission
Double-sided PCB(DPCB):with base material of FR4
Multi-layer PCB(MPCB):with base material of FR4 and PP
High-density PCB(HDIPCB):including built-in/blind holes,
which is suitable for BGA electric products
Bergquist Aluminum based board:suitable for electric products with high power heat dissipation 
High and multilayer printed circuit board with blind&buried via boards:suitable for instrument electric product
■厚铜板(3-10 Oz)和厚金板:适用电源产品
Heavy copper boards (3-10 Oz) and heavy gold board:suitable for power printed circuit board product
Rigid-flex or Flex-rigid boards:suitable for computer and industry control products.
Flexible printed circuit boards (FPCB):suitable for computer and industry control products.
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