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Via-in-Pad Technology Common Issues / SAYFU Solutions

276 2008-10-16 SAYFU
SAYFU is a professional PCB manufacturer from mainland China, located in Shajing Town, Baoan District, Shenzhen City. lt was founded in Oct.

Via-in-Pad Technology
Common Issues / SAYFU Solutions
Via-in-Pad Cost
SAYFU is one of the largest PCB fabricators in China, and is regularly studying new materials and methods to help save costs. Many suppliers of this technology have developed this specific niche. As a result, their customers must absorb the supplier’s entire overhead via the piece price.
SAYFU remains a production PCB supplier with a strong focus on prototyping through production of advanced technologies. However, our facility is also constantly processing higher volumes of standard technology PCBs.
As a result, our overhead is spread over a larger number of production panels and projects, allowing us to charge a fair and reasonable price to our customers that is often reserved of the high level of technology in the products we produce.
We have been producing PCBs with via-in-pad technology since 2002 and, along the way, have identified and addressed the most common root causes for yield loss.
Voids / Dimples
Through the use of vacuum tables and power squeegees, we have been able to fill up to 10:1 aspect ratio vias with no voiding.
Surface Planarity
Many of our competitors produce via-in-pad too intermittently to invest in the specialized equipment necessary to planarized via-in-pad PCBs with sufficient throughput and quality suitable for PCB assembly.
We have purchased and installed a Pola & Massa conveyorized planarizer that utilizes ceramic scrubbing rollers to ensure a high grade surface finish for via-in-pad applications.
China PCB manufacturer SAYFU Technology production type  产 品 类 型
High frequency PCB(HFPCB):suitable for electric products
with microwave transmission
Double-sided PCB(DPCB):with base material of FR4
Multi-layer PCB(MPCB):with base material of FR4 and PP
High-density PCB(HDIPCB):including built-in/blind holes,
which is suitable for BGA electric products
Bergquist Aluminum based board:suitable for electric products with high power heat dissipation 
High and multilayer printed circuit board with blind&buried via boards:suitable for instrument electric product
■厚铜板(3-10 Oz)和厚金板:适用电源产品
Heavy copper boards (3-10 Oz) and heavy gold board:suitable for power printed circuit board product
Rigid-flex or Flex-rigid boards:suitable for computer and industry control products.
Flexible printed circuit boards (FPCB):suitable for computer and industry control products.
(Note: China PCB manufacturer SAYFU Technology specially produces on rigid printed circuit board; printed wiring board; mulitlayer printed circuit board; flex-rigid printed board, rigid-flex printed board; metal core printed board; heavy copper coard; power board; heavy gold board; Flexible board/Flex PCB; Bergquist Aluminum based board/Al PCB; Metal Core PCB; PCB/PWB/FPCB/FPC/MPCB/Rigid-Flex PCB)
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