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The development of modern PCB Screen Printing

852 2009-10-15 SAYFU
SAYFU is a professional PCB manufacturer from mainland China, located in Shajing Town, Baoan District, Shenzhen City. lt was founded in Oct.

he development of modern PCB Screen Printing
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Modern electronic information technology is general call of the sensor technology (information testing, conversion, display), computer technology, communication technology and microelectronics technology. With the rapid development of the electronic and information technology, it was not only to automate the production, increase the productivity growth in hundreds of times, reduce the cost of greatly, and improve quality of products but also opening up a new era of the machine instead of people's physical or even a mental part. Electronic and information technology has penetrated into all fields of national economy, completely changed the traditional modes of production. According to statistics, now 65% of the world's gross national product is related to the same integrated circuits.
The "electronic screen-printing technology" refers to a new technologies which combined by the electronic information technology and screen-printing technology with long history. It is the screen printing industry in a particular area, the most striking feature is screen-printing technology blending with electronic information technology, whose products not only bear the distinct characteristics of screen-printing technology, but also have electronic and information technology characteristics. because of a dual characters, the electron screen-printing-technology products have a high technological content and high value-added returns. In short, the electronic screen-printing technology refers to a modern screen-printing technology which combined with the electronic information technology and screen-printing technology
High frequency PCB(HFPCB):suitable for electric products
with microwave transmission
Double-sided PCB(DPCB):with base material of FR4
Multi-layer PCB(MPCB):with base material of FR4 and PP
High-density PCB(HDIPCB):including built-in/blind holes,
which is suitable for BGA electric products
Bergquist Aluminum based board:suitable for electric products with high power heat dissipation 
High and multilayer printed circuit board with blind&buried via boards:suitable for instrument electric product
■厚铜板(3-10 Oz)和厚金板:适用电源产品
Heavy copper boards (3-10 Oz) and heavy gold board:suitable for power printed circuit board product
Rigid-flex or Flex-rigid boards:suitable for computer and industry control products.
Flexible printed circuit boards (FPCB):suitable for computer and industry control products.
(Note: SAYFU PCB specially produces on rigid printed circuit board; printed wiring board; mulitlayer printed circuit board; flex-rigid printed board, rigid-flex printed board; metal core printed board; metal base printed board; heavy copper coard; power printed circuit board; heavy gold board; Flexible board/Flex PCB; Bergquist Aluminum based board/Al PCB; Metal Core PCB; PCB/PWB/FPCB/FPC/MPCB/Rigid-Flex PCB)

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